Ship USPS via PayPal without an Ebay transaction

You may have noticed the discounted USPS postage rates on PayPal after selling an item on eBay. Wouldn’t it be nice to get that same discount for all of your shipping?

Using the link below, you can ship anything via USPS, including 1st class mail (with the PayPal Discount!). Note, you will need to be logged into PayPal before clicking the link.

Update 2019, November 6

I wrote this post several years ago and there are now other alternatives as well. The best in my opinion other than PayPal is PirateShip. I have used them a ton in the last year. Great pricing and it’s a free service. You only pay for the shipping charges. If you are an eBay seller, you can directly import your sales for shipping. 

37 thoughts on “Ship USPS via PayPal without an Ebay transaction”

  1. Wonderful….Thank You So Much Tyler.
    Could not ever find a link on Paypal for this.
    You are a genius.
    Thank You Again….

  2. I had the PAY-PAL Shipping address stored back in 2012 but the address didn’t work – – – that was midnight , I got a Christmas gift for a love one so I wanted to ship it fast before I rest my head on the pillow , its 2:20 AM – LOL – Thank Tyler man

  3. Christmas rushing; long lines at post office: This was so easy! Thank you ever so much from an appreciative senior. Also thank you for that added note to sign in to PayPay before clicking on link.

  4. thanks. I had this info bookmarked with another website but the site is now closed, so i bookmarked your page for future reference.

  5. thank you very much for the link. is there any way to save this to the paypal account in order to access it faster in the future?

  6. I wish I could ‘upvote’ this because it is more helpful than the ebay/paypal forums that show above in in google search.
    This is indeed the correct link and works well. THANK YOU for making this post. I have this link saved on my desktop, but I am not home and need to ship something.

  7. If you are ever in need to ship something and can’t find the link, simply login to your Paypal account. On the main screen, look for the bar at top of page.

    *Hover your mouse over “TOOLS” so that a pop-down menu appears.
    *Click on the last option “ALL TOOLS”.
    *Once you are at the Paypal Tools & Resources page, locate the vertical bar on left side of page, click “Run Your Business”.
    *Several boxes will appear on page, one of them “Multi-Order Shipping”. Click “OPEN”

  8. Tyler – you are a lifesaver. Paypal recently removed the ability to get to the “Multi-order shipping” unless you had a business account. Your weblink enabled me to still get to the shipping screen. Thanks a heap!

  9. Thank You Tyler,
    I used Pirate Ship instead of PayPal shipping and saved almost $4 on a single package. Very much appreciated.

  10. Thanks Tyler! I couldn’t find this info on the PayPal website and was hoping someone had posted info on how to do this. You’re the man.

  11. Thanks! Even after all these years, PayPal doesn’t have a link (not even when you search for ‘postage’ or any similar terms) on their site.

  12. Thanks. Why doesn’t paypal want to be able to find this link on its web site? I’ve never figured this out. I have a new computer and so I didn’t have this site bookmarked, but now, thanks to you, I do.

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