Tivo on Comcast Sucks

So we have had Tivo on Comcast for a full month now and I have to say, it sucks. It’s terribly slow and often gets a green screen of death. Can you say beta? Seriously, what is Comcast thinking releasing this buggy POS? It give’s Tivo a bad name.

The most annoying bug is the aforementioned green screen, where the entire screen fills with a bright green color and stays that way, seemingly frozen. After many times rebooting when this happens, I have learned a trick to recover from it, at least on my DVR. It usually “green screens” when watching a hi-def signal. I have found if you type a non hi-def channel on the remote keypad, the TV will change to that channel and come out of the green screen state. Then you’ll be able to change back to the HD channel you were previously watching.

Thinking of getting Comcast Tivo? I’d wait…