Speed up Mouse Tracking on Mac OS X

One of my gripes when I switched to using a Mac full time was that I could never get my mouse to track fast enough. Here is a  solution that worked for me.

  1. Open a Terminal Window
  2. Enter the following command to see what your current setting is:
    defaults read -g com.apple.mouse.scaling
  3. This will return a numeric value. To speed up (or slow down) your mouse tracking, you can simply change this number accordingly by typing the following command, replacing the “your_mouse_speed” with a new number such as 5.0. Notice that read has been changed to write:
    defaults write -g com.apple.mouse.scaling your_mouse_speed
  4. The maximum mouse speed on mac desktops is 3.0 (when maxed out in system preferences). I changed my speed to 5.0 for my 24″ iMac and it was noticeably better.
    defaults write -g com.apple.mouse.scaling  5.0
  5. You may need to restart your mac to see the changes take effect.

Update Jan 2010 :  This method also works with the new magic mouse as well.