Fix Slow Boot with Crucial M4 SSD on Macbook Pro

I just upgraded my Macbook Pro with a larger SSD drive. I stuck with Crucial, upgrading from a M4 256 GB to a  M4 512 GB. After a cloning the drive with SuperDuper, I installed the new, larger drive in my MBP. I immediately noticed it took significantly longer to boot up, specifically, it spent a longer time on the white screen, before the gray apple is shown. I tried a few things for troubleshooting, including setting the startup disk in preferences, but still no joy. Finally, I tried a trick from the old days, zapping the PRAM.  I say old days, because I haven’t zapped PRAM on any of my macs for years. Anyway, that worked perfectly and it’s back to booting quickly again.

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A weekend of Mac Repair and Upgrades

I was a “computer repair guy” this weekend. First up for repair was my son’s iMac, which had a hard drive go bad. Getting to the hard drive in the iMac was fairly easy, but certainly a lot harder than cracking open a PC.

Next up after the iMac repair was upgrading my Macbook Pro with an SSD drive. Working on the MBP was super easy. Took less than 10 minutes to install the new drive. What a difference the SSD makes! Boots in about 8 seconds and launches apps instantly without any bouncing icons in the dock.