The new website sucks

I noticed last week that monster rolled out a new updated version of their website. They added a lot of new ajax stuff on the front, which might seem cool, but obviously they didnt adequately test it. After using it for several days, I have experienced a lot of bugs.

Here is an example:

I find a job I am interested in. I click the apply button and the dialog box for me to enter in my information is off the top of the screen leaving me unable to apply for this position. This is just one of the many user interface bugs I have found. Not being able to apply for a job is a pretty big problem if you are a job site. At this point, I have to say the new sucks.

Have you had problems with the new Let me know in the comments.

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  1. If it ain’t broken, why fix it!

    It seemed so much more simple to browse through jobs through Monster. I would look choose industries and types of jobs, then I would narrow it down to miles and my zip code. That was it! Now, it’s become so damn complicated. Who needs this?

  2. I totally agree. Monster screwed up ROYALLY HERE. This looks like someone’s Six Sigma idea gone horribly wrong coupled with third rate off shore programming. I agree with all posters…especially Roya! The old site worked great. People get fired over things like this. As a technology, program management consultant for a F500, I would not even release this to my in house test/pilot users. Important required fields go off screen so that you can’t fill them out or navigate to them. I was helping someone with their resume recently and found myself cursing out of sheer aggravation! The site freezes and even crashes your computer. Everytime I see that guy’s face telling me about the new Monster, on whatever page I navigate to, I say I wish they would FIRE HIM and get someone in there who knows HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY. This is a horrible time for Monster to go through this. People world wide need to use this service more than ever. Shame on Monster.Com! I hear it is a horrible place to work anyway. They are a very reactive, fast paced stress filled crazy house.
    People with bad ideas like this are what keep me employed fixing them! Monster has lost credibility with end users, employers and advertisers. I have heard nothing but complaints from all three groups.

    There I vented. I feel better now.

  3. Well said all.

    Even the login dialog stinks: you enter your account name and press the tab key to got to the password box and and low and behold the curser goes who-knows-where. And the going back to page one whenever you navigate away from the search listing really is a pain.

    They’ll never do it since they are paid by the hiring company, but I wish they had the option to exclude certain companies from a search. I’m 47 years old (and a veteran anyway) and I don’t want to page through 100+ listings that an eager-beaver military recruiter just posted.

  4. Since monster has went backwards in time,I was informed that I have to write a new resume,to refresh it,I hope they go broke over this!

  5. I am new to I just signed up so I could apply for a job I found while just looking. When I am signed in, I can’t do anything… searches don’t work right, can’t save a search, always wanting me to login to do something and then locks up, won’t let me put in a resume. It is completely worthless. I had to go old fashioned and mail out my resume, lucky there was an address to reply to. I can use the site to search jobs just fine as long as I don’t sign in. Once I sign in it might as well be the Blue Screen Of Death.

    1. I am an executive recruiter and have used monster for over a decade, but not in the last few years. I tried to post a job, and was rejected. I left several messages requesting a return call, in an attempt to fix problem. It’s been weeks; I have not been called back.

      Monster was my “go to” place for job posting. No longer

  6. Holy crap sucks! Why is it that every time I return to monster after a while not using it, I have to relearn the whole site’s functionality and search processes? It is almost like I have to recreate a whole new profile, trying to edit existing profiles, searches, etc causes everything to freeze up or I just get some sort of error message. Why? Why must you suck so bad Monster?

  7. Hello All,

    I have been using since the days it was (OCC) or the Online Career Center. At the time, it was free.

    We are evaluating professional user experiences with since their upgrade and user interface changes in January of ’09.

    The poll (survey) should take less than 30 seconds and can be found at: . Once completed, you have an opportunity to review the overall results.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Tom Anderson

  8. I wrote a letter last week listing all of the bugs I’ve found. I fully expect someone to mess with my account in the near term as retaliation for my feedback. is, without a doubt, the most frustrating site out there.

  9. The new format sucks. You cannot apply to the jobs posted, and most of the time they do not pull up with the ability to read the whole ad. When I try to apply, the box comes up but doesn’t load up. The companies who are posting ads are not getting their money’s worth. RIP OFF!

  10. I agree. This new web site design is ridiculously bad. It is very slow, and hangs up a lot. I can’t even add a new job to my work experience section. Looks like inexperienced developers went crazy with technology without regard to how it will perform. They obviously did not QA this site before releasing it to the public. I would not hire these developers, or the QA testers for any of my projects.

  11. There is definitely a cross-functional design issue at hand!!
    Monster’s previous site was a much better design(needing some changes), but nothing like this! It is obvious that they did not do a survey to find out what people actually needed.

    The jobs are still being reposted and given a new posting date even after they have been filled for at least 30 days! Monster can sell their services to more customers if it looks like they have a lot of job postings.

    This is a classic example of over engineering or Windows complex. When will SP1 for Monster be available?

    I have been using Craigslist a lot more with greater success for Project Management jobs!

  12. I agree. I am a recruiter who actively uses the site to search for resumes. The changes they have made are horrible. The have reduced functionality and the new interface is extermeley slooooow! It makes searching for potential candidates nearly impossible. There are so many bugs in the Employer side of the system that I won’t be renewing my $1000.00 per month subscription.

  13. hi folks , new monster suck, spoke to their call center help as i can not even login , page become gray , white rectangle , some of the fonctions work some not , anyway a monster nightmare,,
    The call center staff are so not trained , they told me it wwas my computer or cookies, i ask them why from an apple center with the latest technology, it still not work , they told me IT IS THE COMPUTER , SAYS NO

    seriously do we deal with mutant ,, i beleive so

    crap, unseless , monster bin it

  14. Has anything been done to help people apply? I find a job I want to apply to, and when it comes to hit the apply button, the pull up apply section does not contain anything. It’s blank and I get errors on both IE7 and Mozilla.

  15. is so slow now it’s almost non-functional. Compare it to, which is the way a job site is supposed to be.

  16. I tried talking to monster about this issue. They said I need to use IE instead of Firefox. Guess what same bugs with IE-almost seemed worse. Change it back please monster. I need a job application website that is fast and user friendly.

  17. I have stopped using Monster and posted a link to my LinkedIn profile.

    I tell any and all recruiters who call or email that the “new” Monster is a slow cumbersome beast and I won’t be using it. I strongly suggest they switch to LinkedIn, and several have.

  18. Wow, is so lame. It doesn’t surprise me to see so many others who feel the same.

    Much like Glenn, I prefer to network through linkedin – however I don’t see many job opps on there. Instead, I recommend searching with Indeed. I like how it picks up on everything that’s out there, and you can really modify your searches!

  19. Forgot to mention – if your an avid Google chrome user like myself, do NOT even attempt to logon to Monster! You’ll be trying to login for hours 😛

  20. I have been using for almost 10 years and today I logged in to update my resume and I found the site to be unbelievably slow and it would even lock up the browser completely for up to 30 seconds at a time! This is absolutely unacceptable and whoever is doing QA for should be fired today!

  21. OMG! I thought it was just me. I am so fed up with I hate the fact that I have to view jobs, posted 6 weeks ago first, than the current jobs are scattered throughout the job listings. If I try to update the search with the current dates postings it does not work. None of the links work. I remember when was the premier website to go to when looking for a job, not anymore.

  22. I spent a few hours trying to build a resume but ended up screaming in frustration.

    Biggest frustrations: (a) over-use of AJAX that ultimately hinders usability, (b) popup menus that that disappear except when moving the mouse in pixel-perfect motion, (c) HTML/rich text editor that cannot maintain scroll position. The list goes on and on.

    I hope people get fired and they are forced to use this crap as further punishment.

  23. Sometimes the pages won’t fully load. And today I couldn’t find the salary range section. I clicked Help at the top and nothing happens.

    I tried using their website from several computers thinking that maybe the issue was with IE. But the issue is definitely with the website. So I went ahead and put up my resume on Yahoo Hotjobs as well.

  24. their need design is crappy. the resume editor page is a nightmare… im on a fairly new computer with screamin internet and it takes forever just to edit info on your resume.

  25. This website is so damn slow. It took me more than 30 minutes to apply for one job. It takes so much time to load a page that I got the idea to blog about how sucks in the meanwhile. Also there are a lot of bugs.

    The problems with companies and our society nowdays is that they need to keep on changing things even though it worked perfectly before. When you change things, you can only improve it so much until, it’s perfect. Once it’s perfect, then there’s no need to change it. Our society is so obsessed with change that often times not only do they make tiny changes, they have to reinvent the wheel once a year. Most people in this country are insane, and mentally ill and are on some kind of psychiatric medication.

  26. They have still not fixed these issues. I just accidentally deleted by resume trying to change it to public. I’ll bet all the programmers they are using are in India or Singapore. I bet you. I had issues with the resume formatting a few months ago and you know what they did? They had one of their people go in and mess with my resume. They messed it up worse than it originally was. which in my experience doesn’t get shit for IT jobs in my area can upload my resume with the exact same formatting as it appears in a word document. Monster take a lesson from (used to be) inferior Career Builder.

  27. I agree completely, I wish you had access to the employer section (or not) because it is SOOOOOO slow that it actually bogs down other windows you have open.

    I wish Monster’s people would understand that function is more important than aesthetics. The new is total crap.

  28. Garbage, total garbage. I am so glad to come across this site. I thought I was the only one having problems. As a recruiter, I use Monster often enough and this interface makes me livid. They couldnt just leave it alone, it worked fine! No, they had to mess with it and make it unusable.

  29. As a recruiter and employer, the new changes have rendered Monster totally worthless to me and our company. I cannot search resumes as the blasted thing freezes constantly. Its not worth the time as it would take the whole day to pull one resume if I could only actually see that resume.:-)

    Very disappointing and the worst part is that Monster support seems to think I need to allow popups (I do) and use firefox or IExplorer 7.0 (which I do.) Now what Monster? There is no admission on their part that there’s a problem. Very expensive…

  30. i couldn’t agree more. very very bad. if you can buy the power resume pkg monster says it’s good. don’t know if we are getting it prob too $$$.
    this is terrible.

  31. I only wish I could delete my resume from Monster and break all ties. What was once the most popular job site is now a complete joke, and yes, this does look like the result of “creative” off-shore programming!

  32. Im total agreement with all this

    this was a really bad “Great Idea” that no one caught

    before the damage was allready done.

    I wanted to search for a job and compare the going rates for salaries work requirements and get a feel for what the industry was offering

    no one is going to be able to find a job that meets 100% of their critera and if they do its might not be the right fit or the kind of company you want.

    A job is just more than criteria. For example I might apply for a job over another job because of the salary comparison, or i might take a job of lesser salary because of their location and benifits.

    We need to be able to see whole picture. If im a programmer i want to be able to see all the programming jobs in a city so i can see what everyones offering and use that to my advantage in deciding on who to apply for.

    The New way only allows for a search that must we as users must meet 100% of job criteria which is nuts

  33. I agree–an outsourced programming effort for sure with some stupid IT manager in the U.S. overseeing the whole matter and patting himself on the back for sticking to the budget and delivering on-time. However, the web site is Monster’s bread and butter–and to roll out something so buggy, so slow, and so UNUSABLE is a tragedy.

    The company would be smart to admit defeat and roll-back to their previous version. They should also FIRE EVERYONE involved in this total piece of crap web site–especially those arrogant managers who think they can treat developers as expendable resources. I’ll bet anything that the developers warned the managers that more testing was needed and that the system was very buggy, but some manager somewhere launched it anyway (sounds a little like the Titanic story, eh?).

    Good job Monster (not).

  34. I agree, at this point they need to cut thier losses and roll back to previous version, otherwise their gona lose a large oercentage of job seekers. if they havent allready.

    I havent heard anything but it appears they are not accepting they made a bad decision.

    to bad it was a very popular site. and its pretty much useless now.

  35. I HATE! I spent days writing and editing my resume and cover letter, only to have Monster screw up my resume formatting, and then not even accepting my cover letter! Sent an almost unreadable resume to the employer, which will just make me look bad, even though I did everything correctly! Called their customer service line 3 times and was basically just told its my computer…i have a year old iMac with all up- to-date software for all browsers! Even downloaded a browser they claimed would work for the site, and still have the same problems! Whats frustrating is I can’t even get in their to re-apply! THANKS MONSTER, FOR SCREWING UP THIS JOB OPPORTUNITY!!!!!

  36. Remember when Coca cola changed the formula, same thing here. Monster was at the top of this technology with superbowl commercial etc. What happened? Without spending anymore time on this i bet a management change prompted this or the CTO left. This is the time after a huge recession when a job search engine should be making the profits, they will not. The ladders is a ripoff as well.

  37. I just tried to upload my resume to monster and i get a obtuse error “document error”. Thanks Monster! I tried two different browsers and still same problem. I then tried to copy/paste my resume into monster and it screwed up all my formating, changed the fonts and inserted a page of html code. This is just sloppy. I will not be using the site anymore.

  38. I am a recruiter and I hate the new too. It totally sucks!!! I am trying to get our company to use instead now.

  39. wTF??? There’ a really great job I wanted to apply for on Monster this morning, but when I try to apply it asks a secodn time round for my password and then it doesn’t recognise my log in details! I had to go and creat a new profile just because of this, but then it still won’t let me upload my document or paste it because I get error messages. this is sh*te! I just can’t believe it. If I can’t apply how many others can’t apply for the jobs they want?
    I hope they are losing loads of business and someone should be sacked promptly over this!

  40. Fiona – Same thing happened to me in the last couple of days. Sadly, I don’t think anyone is getting “sacked” for the poor state of I believe Monster is happy with the site, since none of the problems I first documented back in Feb 09 have been fixed. has the worst usability of any site on the web. Good job folks!

  41. Today I noticed if I try to use a saved cover letter it gets truncated. Also the latest site updates seem to have corrupted the formatting of my saved cover letters.


  42. I really loathe the Monster website. For the past few days I cannot even pull it up. All I get, after a very long wait, is a white page with hyperlinks. No text, no images, no jobs, nothing. Totally worthless. Careerbuilder – no problem, – no problem, but Monster – horrendous.

  43. I agree. I used to use this site as an employer (paid fees) and now that I am trying to use it as a jobseeker, it is a worthless piece of junk. It hangs while trying to load their stupid ads or worse yet just locks up entirely. Like many here have said – a mass firing is in order as well as a rollback to a working solution. Despite not having a job right now, I DO NOT have endless hours available to wait for simple search screen to load ads. I don’t like careerbuilder because of their SPAM, but monster is getting just as bad, at least the CB pages load very quickly.

    Either no one at Monster cares or they are still WAITING for our posts to load to their screen!!

  44. The site is horrible and looks and feels like a off shore creation that got a new book on Ajax and widgets. It is so slow one might as well skip it is a productivity consumer. Monsters performance as USB stated it is not very good. I think all they are now is search mechanism for companies and you just store your resume and forget about applying for jobs. For the icing on the cake they buy hot jobs from Yahoo

  45. Monster really is horrible. It went from the best before all the upgrades to SUUUUCKS. Nothing works right anymore. The agents are horrible to manage and narrow down what you are looking for. Occupations are all screwed up for my fields, construction, engineering, operations, facilities, etc. Even narrowing down the search locations is more difficult. It appears someone said let’s find the most counter intuitive way to do everything!

  46. I don’t see how typing in ‘tour guide’ in the search engine has anything to do with being a Research Senior Analyst. Bad website.

  47. After contacting salesperson, ” Ray, the fast talking rep”. offered a year -end special, at a discount rate to list 20 job postings and “enjoy” a 30 day window of the resume base in a specific number of cities. “Fast talking Ray” led me through the process…at all times assuring me, that by clicking on the agreement to terms, that I could maintain a degree of flexability with my job postings and search’s. I explained that my participation in his special offer would all be dependent upon my trip to China to visit the factory and return mid-January… assuring prompt manufacturing and product delivery. “Not a problem” states “fast talking Ray”….”we are here to help you, “we are reasonable and flexability , would be no problem”.

    Seven days into my trip, I emailed him from China regarding a delay in manufacturing, until after Chinese New Year Holidays, three weeks in February…which would delay my program, as well as job postings, 60 + days. No reply from “fast talking Ray” just an invoice for $2,000.00 demanding payment. Upon my return, I called him, and again…”fast talking Ray” assured me ” no problem” we will simply push the program back ! Initially, the accounts payable specialist agreed…but “NOT fast talking Rays’ Boss”… who simply put…”PAY UP” he demanded…”or we will turn this over to collections NOW ! It’s not our concern that you did not use our service, timed out” …PAY THE $ 2,000.00 !”

    Soon the accounts payable people started to demand payment with assertive emails…Again…I had yet to post one job or spend one minute on resume bank. ..Bottom Line…no flexability, dishonest, and furthermore they did not care about your program…whether you used the site or not… JUST PAY UP ! ”

    My decision was to litigate the matter, and post the event for all to understand… does not have a concern about you, your company, your experience, their quality, and or customer service. Their sales people are trained to pressure you, lie and mislead you into thinking that “they will be flexible and informative to get you up and started. Monster is a monster that must be slay-ed…they are really terrible people and very dishonest.

  48. When I try to apply for a job through Monster the page just refreshes and I can never apply. Can anyone help with this, I have turned off my security and tried to no avail. I have ie8 and also used the compatability view which made no difference. The only monster jobs I can apply for are those that either take you to a different site or those that have an email to apply to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I have the same problem!!!
      The page just refreshes I can’t apply for any jobs.

      Did you get it solved?
      I cannot believe you had this issue in 2010 and there has not been a solution even now in 2012.

  49. I like how there is no secure certificates on Essentially all your information, username/password, is being passed in clear text through the networks. Nothing is secure and confidential on

  50. holy shit sux the big one!

    Who is the dumb ass that turned it into a slow as AJAX site that doesn’t even do what it intends on doing??!!

    I can’t even copy and paste shit on there in a simple text format that is easily searchable by employers!

    It’s soo slow! all that ajax and java overhead is complete overkill!

    Do the asswipes at not do any useability testing before deploying this piece of shit?

  51. Yes, Monster sucks more than anyone has ever sucked before. Seems someone sat down and really focused on making this the worst job board out there. Either that, or the development effort was given to Bangalore’s finest. Nice job guys. I’m sure you’re charging more these days, too. My favorite is that with every click, you get to enter your name and password again. I think I got tired after about 30 logins worth of clicks.

  52. All the comments written above are totally true! What they did was just to add some “cool” (not really in fact) AJAX effects and claim that it’s a “revolution” in the industry… If you carefuly analyze things, you will see that real new functionalities and services are absent… They just tried to make people believe that they did something really new and amazing. But you can’t make new things from old stuff!

  53. I have posted ads as an employer. Using this horendous interface is taking me 3 times longer to look at a single person. What a pile of crap. I wont be using them again.

  54. Glad I found somewhere to vent.
    Using Monster makes me want to throw my PC out the window. Ive never been so frustrated using a D!mn website. Nothing works as intended. All the socalled new features suck. How about giving folks soemthing very basic, without all the bells and whistles.
    cosign on everything everyone has said.

  55. Has anyone found a better alternative? I hate it too! Today I received an email saying that we can no longer block certain employers from viewing a resume. Makes no sense to me at all, it was a nice feature. Bye-bye Monster…

  56. Most of the job postings that I’ve tried to pull up end with a “Page Not Found” error, even when they’re only days old. Anyone else having similar problems?

  57. I signed up for Monster Dot Com a half hour ago and I got the e-mail saying that my membership is now active, yet when I sign in nothing happens (example: I click on the link to create my profile, yet it tells me to sign in and lather rinse repeat). What a waste of time.

  58. What a bad site….really, from a very friendly interface to a horrible CANT USE interface…..What happened?????……well….I am leaving them and going to another board, NEITHER CAREERBUILDER!!!!!!…..that one is a bad choice too.

  59. Almost a month later and still having the same problem. Between this and the problem I had with applying for a job online earlier, I think I much, much, MUCH prefer applying for jobs the old-fashioned way.

  60. The sheer number of pop up ads – now on all 4 corners of the website as well as interspersed in the job listings really sucks!

    When your business is linking employers to employees you really have to question what Mosnter is thinking in having such a horrible website.

    My advice is to stick to Linked In, Career Builder and Craigslist and avoid Monster all together.

  61. You’re all RIGHT! I’m so mad I can’t even get the words out. I have been working for 30 minutes just on the password (not strong enough, not strong enough, not strong enough,…..) it would help if they’d tell you the minimum requirements, GRRRRRR. Then uploading my resume. WHY don’t they let you do a PDF! You can only submit doc, docx, txt and rtf. I guess I just don’t understand why? Spend lest money on Superbowl commercials and more money on a user-friendly website!!!!

  62. HOW FRUSTRATING IS THIS? I posted a job on Friday with the misguided idea that it would be online for people to apply over the weekend. It’s now midday Monday & my collegue tells me that she can’t find the job online. True enough it’s not online & we’ve just lost the whole weekend for incoming applications. I phoned career one & they tell me that I have to upload jobs through a “customer service representative”. Can I ask – What’s The Point of having an online login-pay-&upload system if it all SEEMS to go through & I even get confirmation emails, only to be told by their own phone operator that “I have to use a customer service rep” and “They Don’t Know Why”!!!!! I’m so mad & will not be using them again.

  63. from a job seeker perspective. why wont monster allow posting resumes in PDF. I just had an HR person ask ME to send HER a copy of my resume VIA EMAIL becuase the resumes on monster look terrible. Monster is a waste of time.

  64. Oh, good..I thought it was just me. Ads and irrelevant garbage all over the place. I keep trying to save my job search and it tells me that I must have a city,state or zip code. I have my zip code in there! And then it tells me that it will save the search but only if I remove my zip code. Why would I want to remove my zip code? So what good are all these search criteria if I can’t use them? I keep getting emails for jobs that I have no interest in. Has anyone actually TESTED doing basic things? Also, I uploaded my resume but it wants me to basically create a “profile” that consists of retyping everything in their webforms. This blows chunky chunks.

  65. is the most frustrating website I have ever used! Who do they pay to make a site this rubbish?!!!! With slow loading times this new site just doesn’t work. I’m looking for work and they (monster) shove advertisements down my throat. Then an annoying pop-up appears to ask me to take a survey! I just want to a new job thanks!, you truly suck big time.

  66. Screw monster-I dont know what happened with their operations and the way they run that website but it is way too cluttered with too much junk job seekers (and probably labor seekers as well) don’t need. All anyone needs to do is to type in the kind of position they want-ex: “supply chain analyst” and location “chicago, illinois”..I dont know why there needs to be any more information in that. If anything maybe search for jobs within the past month or near a certain income amount. I cant highly advise enough job seekers to use meta-job search engines like or that both combine other job search engines, recruiting companies, temp agencies, and have done a tremendous job in offering far more jobs in many areas than monster now does.

  67. I have never used a more frustrating job website. It really isn’t that hard to create a good one. My favourite for usibility is They should take a look at it! And why on earth can i not put in a salary range!

  68. Another thing about Monster which sucks is that after registering and putting my resume up, I am receiving a shit-storm of calls from telemarketers for online universities, and other things too.

    F@*! you, Monster.

  69. I went on monster searching for a job; clicked through 5 pages and was so irritated at all the advertisements, including the pop-up gray box at that bottom of the site –I just log-out and wont return. The site screams, “we want you to buy a computer from our advertisement and we don’t care if you find a job”!

  70. Totally, Totally bloody nasty awful. The pop up banner ads along the bottom and side. The ‘radius’ search that brings up all the jobs regardless. No ability to filter out agency jobs. WTF have they done. Monster used to be the benchmark. I mean look – we all googled ‘monster website sucks and ended up here. you need to do something monster people./

  71. I thought I was the only one who is getting so irritated with the bottom pop-up banner ads!
    I agree that Monster’s filter criteria is lacking compared to other sites, but it is the the bottom popup banner that is totally annoying!!
    I almost always just end up closing the window and just use other job sites.

  72. It is unusable – with all the scam-schools SPAMming my screen – please go to this website to apply and that website to apply – – has stumbled HARD and continues to fall – -time for a “new mouse-trap”

  73. Finally, somebody is speaking up. What a rip-off.

    I am an employer who was a happy HotJobs customer. Monster transitioned the site over a weekend (critical for candidate seekers) and their implementation was so screwed up that I had no access to advertise for candidates the entire weekend.

    On Monday, things weren’t any better. The support staff are calm, but unapologetic about all the problems, bugs, things not working. etc. Plus the site regularly throws you out if you try to do any tasks (like, um post a job).

    I am extremely frustrated and have a much more favorable opinion of DICE after this episode.

  74. Monster has become HORRID. I may just never log into it again. I get nothing but recruiters from India calling me off of that site. They also have so many advertisements now it’s difficult to even search. The design of the site is horrible. There are very few postings as well. I say skip Monster. Whoever is in charge of the site should be canned.

  75. What retards (monster). What ever happend to the basic Desing Principle KISS ?.
    You know the saying “Keep It Simple Stu__d” !!!!
    The bottom ribbon, slowwwww interface, spam, annoying info popup when hovering over titles, so much different fonts, options all splattered. WTF happend ???

    SEARCHERS – Check these links below for links, and info of job boards. Good Luck !

  76. I have not been able to reset my password on Monster. It sends me an email with the link to reset the password, but when I click on the link it takes me to and shows content error. Tried a few times. Cant get into my account anymore. Hotjobs/yahoo hotjobs was such a great application and Monster is what it is a Monster.

  77. Yeah. I use to go to until it changed to The worst thing I’ve seen is that when I do a job search for specific location, and I’m getting results for jobs hundreds of miles away… Monster sucks!

  78. Twice I’ve checked and discovered somehow there are jobs I’ve applied for but due to the title of the jobs I’m pretty sure I never applied for… what the hell? how can something show up that I applied for but know I never did? Hell I had one show up today for the 15th but I wasn’t on on the 15th!

  79. utter pants!
    Too many pop ups (despite clicking ‘do not show again’) at both the top and bottom of the screen. Searches are laborious and just plain annoying. Before I was able to browse jobs with no problems, but for some reason a whole country (Wales) has been missed of any of the bloody search locations! Then I have to go round a million houses just to find anything. All whilst those stupid annoying pop ups keep appearing on the screen.
    Wouldn’t recommend to anyone to use. It’s bad for people looking for a job, and those employers looking for people will get less response to adds because the website is not user friendly.

  80. SUCKS, REALLY SUCKS!! And is SOOooo SlOOooowwww!

    Note to employers… Don’t post your job openings on as potential employees connot use their website.

  81. I am annoyed at getting all the calls from scam artists taking my info from Monster under the pretense of being an employer. Monster is a waste of time and they should be ashamed with the unemployment rate being as it is.

  82. The Monster website is atrocious and horrible. That ad on the bottom is insane. You can’t see the location and company at the same time. Abysmal website.

  83. Yes! The huge at&t banner at the bottom of the search page is so annoying. It actually has made me mad the last few times I have been on there. I will no longer go to that website because of that stupid banner. It makes no sense at all to have a job board and then cover up half the job ads on a page with 1 banner. My opinion. I had to vent. I just want it gone so I can go back to using that site. Please Please get rid of the banner!!!

  84. I agree! That bottom popup is so distracting and annoying… I can’t stay on the site for longer than about 30 seconds. And yes, their search agents are miserable. I wanted to search in two different states…two different countries…I could not. I wanted to search for a location “telecommuting” (which they display) and I could not.

    It’s now an awful site and ripe for a new game-changer to capture ex-monster users.

  85. Monster is a joke, the huge banner at the bottom was the last straw. I’ve been using, which is just an aggregator, and give lots of duplicate postings but the web layout is plain with no pop-ups. Monster has to change or they will go under, completely unusable. It’s bizarre that a corporate website can be so bad

    Careerbuilder has gone down the toilet as well, Dice is barely tolerable .
    The joys of being a contractor

  86. Wow monster sucks. I haven’t used monster in a couple years. That huge banner on the bottom is over kill and distracting. They are more concerned with blasting advertisements in your face than trying to help people find a job. Great job monster!! Your website was awesome, now it sucks!

  87. Tried their new LinkedIn profile stuff in 4 different browsers across 2 different OS’s now and it doesn’t work. Also tried adding a profile picture and it too does not work. Monster is trash – can’t say it was ever really the best (unless you count when they were the “only”) but it’s completely useless now. No more Superbowl commercials for them…

  88. I totally agree with ALL the above posts. Used to be a great comprehensive job site. NOT ANYMORE!! I DARE anyone who works for Monster to respond!! Every other site out there is easier to use by both Job seekers and employers.

  89. Every time I look for jobs I get an HTTP Bad Request Error. Monster is the only site this happens on. I called monster and was told to clear my cookies EVERY TIME I click on a job! Site sucks.

  90. Too many unrelated ads all over the site, which slows it down. Script freezes my browser when I try to edit my information then finally asks me if I want to stop it, which I do. And there are many scam jobs posted. What does all this say about That they’re sellouts, will do anything for a buck. Used to be the best job site, now it’s the worst.

  91. I agree with all of the other postings. Just tried to apply on and nothing but problems. After about 20 minutes I decided to google the name of the company, locate their website and send my information directly to their human resources department. is a Monster.

  92. I agree with all the above comments in my search for work. I will go through the whole process in a job that I am interested in, including a cover letter and when I go to submit, it tells me that my resume has already been added to that position. I don’t care, I want it to go again and again if that is what it takes. I need a job, I have been looking for a job for the past 9 months and no success, and monster is not helping one bit. They keep sending me the same jobs over and over again, then when I apply, I get the same response that my resume has already been submitted. So, why do they send the same jobs then. I like the old fashion way off apply for jobs, through the newspaper or pounding the pavement. This is getting me no where. I will be starving before too long.

    1. Peter, I see you came here from a IP address. Good to see someone from there weighing in…finally. Are you really suggesting I shouldn’t use Safari when on I assume your web team is interested in cross-browser compatibility, right?

      Also, I was using firefox in those screenshots.

      1. totally sucks, nothing but fake ads and ads by recruiters. And their location algorithm sucks ass too. It pulls up jobs from 100 miles away when you tell it 20 mile radius. I notice bugs too. Maybe they are hiring 3rd world green card holders to program the site?

        And damn is insanely slow, I have a 10mbs connection and a core i7 2600k and I can go take a piss and come back before the page loads. It is quite possibly one of the slowest, most advertising filled sites I have ever visited and it seems to get slower and slower with time.

  93. – Too bad monster doesn’t come with weaksauce on the side, cuz its drowning in it.

    – For location I put L.A., but get everything from Oakland to Sacktown the Bay Area and back down.

    – doesn’t play well with goog’s chrome.

    – the ads show up before the job listings do

    – speaking about the ads, they have more ads on the page than jobs in the job list

    – faster your pc / internet is, the slower monster is

    – The emperor and the people of Rome always gives monster thumbs down, even if it wins a fight by chance.

    – Also monster has this nasty habit of redirecting to apply for jobs on employer’s website, so your account with monster won’t work. Then you spend an hour making up an account that you will probably log in once (unless they love you and you get the job), spend an hour putting in your family tree, blood type, uber accomplishments like saving a city from Godzilla, and last 80 years of job history, even though you’re a student.

    – best job listings show up AFTER you’ve applied to a job listing and says everyone that applied here applied these jobs.

    – its been going downhill since symmantec allowed hazors to hax monster a few years ago.

  94. The following is an actual chat with a supposed customer service person from Monster to assist me in knowing what to expect from placing an ad for a blue collar trade position we need to fill in our company. The use of statistics bores me as well as made me angry, as I was asking very specific questions about how well they track specific information and if there is a benefit to place an ad at Monster vs. somewhere else. The CS rep basically stated that it was up to me as to the benefit because I am the one who is accountable for making the ad work, or create the interest, not Monster;

    Requesting Conversation.. Sent:
    Does Monster use any of the local papers or smaller classified venues to obtain resume or applicant traffic for blue collar positions?Good Morning! Welcome Norman Crouse! We look forward to being of assistance.
    Please be aware that the conversation will close if it is idle for 20 minutes.You are second in the queue.

    Sent: Ok, ThanksYou are first in the queue.

    Sent: Thank youThe conversation request is being delivered to an agent. Please wait a second.The conversation request has been accepted by an agent. Please start the conversation.

    Received: Welcome to Monster Sales Chat. My name is John, I am here to answer questions about the products we offer online and help you in the selection process. If you have a Customer Service issue, after this chat you may contact Monster Global Customer Service at 1-800-666-7837 to seek further assistance.Received:
    Your job is posted on Monster’s website, our mobile app, our BeKnown professional networking app on Facebook, our affiliate websites including and, and over 1,000 newspaper partner co-branded websites.

    Sent: OK, that’s great. Can you tell me the % of roofers or waterproofers placed or resume’s received? Are your stats categorized that way?

    Received:No they are not, I am sorry.

    Sent: How do you keep stats on resume’s or the number of trades that apply through your services?

    Received: We have over 38 million resumes in the database, and do not list a percentage type figure.
    OK, so how do I know that I will receive a benefit from buying a subscription to fill my blue collar trade needs?
    MONSTER IS the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities. From the web to mobile to social, we help companies find people with customized solutions using the world’s most advanced technology to match the best people to the right job. Monster is consistently one of the most visited sites on the internet. Monster operates in over 55 countries across the globe. Only Monster has patented 6Sense Power Resume Search technology coupled with the world’s most extensive database. Each month in the United States 124 million job searches are performed and 800,000 new resumes are added. Job seekers add over 10,000 more new resumes to Monster each day than compared to Career Builder. We also have partnerships with 1,000+ newspapers in the United States with readership over 78 million people.

    The biggest part of your success is based on how good of a job posting you create. Also critical is how attractive overall the job you are offering is compared to what else is available in youReceived:
    r area. You will have a bigger prospective audience with Monster than anywhere else. That is what we do for you, but you must sell the job properly.

    Not only does Monster reach more people than any other resource in the world – reaching 47.7 million per month, but we reach 33% more people than our nearest competitor.

    That’s great information. Your stats are great, but you have reached less than 14% of the US, and less than .6 % of the world…..have fun with your stats, because it has done nothing for me.

    You are very welcome! If we can be of further assistance please get in touch. Thank you for contacting Monster and have a wonderful day.

  95. The Monster search engine is still a total disaster. I worked for several months identifying issues, giving them specific examples, and it is still broken…

    I am not sure what they are doing there but they are not getting it fixed. What other options for public databases do we have?


  96. Here’s the issues I have with Monster:

    They make it difficult to delete one’s profile – this option should be clearly visible. No one should have to jump through hoops to figure out how to delete their profile.

    They don’t give the user the ability to decide their headline, instead they choose it for them, and they don’t let the user edit it. You used my latest job as my headline, when I don’t work there anymore!!! That is not smart.

    It’s difficult to get help.

    How does one make only certain parts of their profile visible? Monster has a ‘Custom’ option, but how
    is the user supposed to use it?

  97. So Agreed!
    What the heck happened to
    This USED to be the best job board out there. Over the years I’ve found many of my jobs through Monster, but since the great recession of 2008, the board listings have dwindled… and now are almost non-existent!

    What’s up? Are they charging so much that no one will post jobs there?

    I recently did a search for “Graphic Designer” on Monster and found only 3 ACTUAL listings that were not from headhunters. One of these listings was 52 days old! Shame!

    And I haven’t even begun to touch on how horrible the search features have become.

  98. All I wanted to do was have my password reset. Over 2 days not 1 helpful reply. Still can’t log in. Keep stating they will email me a solution. Liars. Their customer service sucks too.

  99. I tried to post for a job at Spheros and it would not take my application because it didn’t like the zip code. The zip code is listed on the web sites list of zip codes. Spheros is not getting their money’s worth with Monster!

  100. Monster SUCKS ASS. Used to be the shizzle, now they can’t send a password reset link that actually works. Nice going! This is what offshore programming and support delivers, a bonus for an MBA’er for cutting costs while product goes to shit.

  101. Very true! The portal sucks big time! One can’t even update education (can’t delete non relevant ones), can’t update expected salary!!! WHAT A SHAME for such a critical service provider…

  102. I got so frustrated trying to use the website I finally gave up. When I search for anything it just goes back to a blank page and disregards the information I put in.
    There are so many other sites I will just use them.

    Hope they read these comments!

  103. Yep, I stopped using monster, their website doesn’t even load properly. I get an email that says “someone wants you” or something to that effect, I click on it and it just stands there loading infinitely and never finishes. Its not the browser I use, I tried the edge browser, firefox, and chrome. All of them do the exact same thing.

  104. Monster SUCKS. I was on it a month ago no problems. Now I can’t change a resume or apply for jobs.. I can log on to it if that is any help… Monster used to be GOOD.. Not sure how they are still in business. I don’r NEED an ad about joining the NAVY. I NEED ACCESS to my RESUMES and the ability to APPLY ONLINE………

  105. I particularly hate not being to apply to more than 1 job at a time like previously, and I particularly hate not being able to filter the results by date.

    Plus, where the fuck is the Advanced Search option? Are you absolutely retarded Monster? Do you intentionally want to fail?

  106. Not only that but I CAN’T upload a Resume from a file on my computer???? WTF??? So, I AM FORCED to upload it to a Google Docs folder just so I can upload it to Monster???

    Who are these idiot useability “experts” what are designing this crap. Why take away features everyone expects. Fine, link to a cloud service, but why force me to do something that I could do with one step and now takes 5.

    Another thing, I get stupid alerts in my inbox all the time telling me that there is a new job in my area, and it’s always the exact same one.

    Monster blows.

  107. I only checked in to see why I was getting a barrage of recruiters from india calling suddenly. What a mess. If I could delete my account/profile/resume I would. Unfortunately I cannot do that because of unsurmontable “oh snap!” errors. This site sucks and it is a shame.

  108. I request a new password. The link is sent to my email to change my password, but when I click on it, it tells me that my link has expired (its literally seconds after the email is sent). I haven’t been able to login for ages.

  109. I agree. This web site wasted my time, by keep saying zipcode is invalid. Some idiot has developed the form.

  110. I apply for a job. I type in all the fields. I put in my zip code. I hit apply and it tells me Zip code is not valid. Ok they dont like weston, so 33327 wont work. I try another valid weston zip code. Ok i guess they don’t like anyone from here. Lets try another city in south florida. Nope. I am not sure if monster is just racist against florida or what but I cannot apply for this job. I would say. SUCKS!. And WTF. YOU ARE A JOB WEBSITE. YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD AT LEAST WORK A LITTLE. POS. Now I will probably not be able to get that job because someone else will apply who has a better zip code. By the way the job is in south florida so they will only get people from outside SF i guess.

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