Website sues Google over Search Ranking is suing Google because their search engine ranking has fallen. Now their revenues are down 70% as well. Hello KinderStart, SERP’s are dynamic. What makes you think you are “entitled” to being ranked well. Actually the site is just a directory that looks like it’s sole purpose is to pimp adsense and other advertising. I also see a ton of what looks like recipricol linking back to, perhaps that’s it.

Boo Hoo….. stop whining. is live!

Finished my wife’s new personalized Easter Bunny Letter site tonight. Hopefully I will have enough time before the Easter holiday to properly SEO it. I have coded it out as a valid tableless layout. Actually, the site is sitting pretty good at # 3 #2 for the phrase “easter bunny letter” on Google. I am no where to be found on Yahoo! and MSN #1 on MSN.
This should be a nice addition to Sandi’s other site Letter From Santa.