Slow Macbook Pro Shutdown – Solved

In a previous post I mentioned that my new macbook pro was taking a long time to shutdown. Well I have found the problem, at least on my machine and tunnelblick seems to be the culprit. If I close the tunnelblick software before shutting down, my laptop immediately turns off.

3 thoughts on “Slow Macbook Pro Shutdown – Solved”

  1. Hey Tyler,
    I’ve posted a new version of Tunnelblick that should solve your problem. Can you check if your problem still persists in the new version?


  2. I’m using Tunnelblick_3.1.7 on OSX 10.4.11 and it still takes up to 5 minutes for the computer to shutdown/restart. I hope the update solved your problem. because it still hasn’t solved mine. Even after quitting the application the system still hangs while shutting down. I presume that it has something to do with having mounted a windows samba share still being attached. Hopefully disconnecting the share, or closing the vpn connection will fix the problem.

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