Fix Slow Boot with Crucial M4 SSD on Macbook Pro

I just upgraded my Macbook Pro with a larger SSD drive. I stuck with Crucial, upgrading from a M4 256 GB to a  M4 512 GB. After a cloning the drive with SuperDuper, I installed the new, larger drive in my MBP. I immediately noticed it took significantly longer to boot up, specifically, it spent a longer time on the white screen, before the gray apple is shown. I tried a few things for troubleshooting, including setting the startup disk in preferences, but still no joy. Finally, I tried a trick from the old days, zapping the PRAM.  I say old days, because I haven’t zapped PRAM on any of my macs for years. Anyway, that worked perfectly and it’s back to booting quickly again.

Zapping your PRAM is done by pressing your command, option, P and R keys all at once right after power on. Keep them pressed until you hear a second start up chime.

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  1. Thank you sooooo sooooo much!!!!

    I was really freaking out.

    Im very new to macs, used pc’s for years but I’ve gone back into education and thought it would be
    worth purchasing, but when I found how expensive a ssd was via apple I decided Id do it myself.

    So after convincing the wife I purchased the drive, followed a couple of youtube videos and installed
    the hardware. Now it looked liked Id done everything right but then the macbook was booting up slower than before.

    Well after browsing the net for lots of ideas and solution, which didnt work. I saw your solution and it worked perfectly – thank you very much.

  2. The delay is due to your Mac not knowing where to load the operating system from. It first tries to find the boot-drive it previously used, which is no longer installed. After about 30 seconds it stops searching and uses the only boot-drive available, your new SSD.

    If you point it to your new boot-drive in advance, it goes to work right away and loads quickly.

    You can fix this with the System Preferences > Startup Disk interface. Open the Startup Disk preferences pane and it will show the available boot-disks. Click on your new SSD, hit Restart and be happy that your operating system really does load much faster after the time and money you spent.

    The Parameter RAM reset described above should work, but may throw-out settings that you don’t want to lose. If you have multiple boot-drives available on your system, it may not select the one you want.

    1. Interesting. I set the new SSD as the start up and it did not make a difference. Reset of PRAM was the only thing that corrected it. In my case with my MBP, the HD is the only boot drive.

    2. Just installed a new M4 SSD and it took 45 to boot up. i used your Startup Disk method and it worked (14.5 secs now), thank you.

  3. An absolute lifesaver. Thank you ever so much. My laptop has now gone from taking around 50 seconds to boot up to 15 seconds.

  4. So I installed the Crucial 218gb sad on my macbook pro 13” which took like 4-5 hours….then everything started but super slow….I tried Zapping your PRAM like 3-4 if not more….and still super slow start up and operation of the mac…and I get the rotating rainbow ball…when i try doing anything….erased the ssd completely and repeated the process and same thing….should I just return the drive and get another one?

  5. Hi,

    I have the same problem too with Crucial M4 128gb but on Windows. My question is, can we zap the pram in windows too? If not, any suggestions on how to speed up the boot time?


  6. “Slow” and “faster” are relative terms. Brand new MBP13″ with Lion 10.8.2 pre-installed took 65 seconds to start up. Seemed slow to me but I couldn’t tell what it should be as no-one says what fast is.
    After re-booting the PRAM (just like the old days), now 35 seconds. Great call Tyler, thanks.
    It doesn’t make sense if you talk to a Mac techie, but it works.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this!
    I was a bit afraid that I did something wrong in the upgrade process, but your trick worked perfectly. Now my “old” mac boots in no-time.

  8. I have an MBP Early 2011 and was changed from hybrid momentus XT 500GB to OCZ Vector 128GB, after reset PRAM… Yeah!!! This is an SSD MBP…. Before this, the initialization was about 36 sec… now 7 sec… Tks!!!

    1. My MBP is also a 2011. Amazing how much faster it is with the SSD.Another positive is longer battery life. I get an extra 2 hours since the upgrade.

  9. Worked perfectly. I had bootcamp on my mac and after installing my ssd it didn’t want to boot from my USB drive but after a PC reset it worked perfectly! Thanks!!

  10. Thank you so much. I was wondering what the issue was. This has made a big difference in my boot time. Again thanks.

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