The new website sucks

I noticed last week that monster rolled out a new updated version of their website. They added a lot of new ajax stuff on the front, which might seem cool, but obviously they didnt adequately test it. After using it for several days, I have experienced a lot of bugs.

Here is an example:

I find a job I am interested in. I click the apply button and the dialog box for me to enter in my information is off the top of the screen leaving me unable to apply for this position. This is just one of the many user interface bugs I have found. Not being able to apply for a job is a pretty big problem if you are a job site. At this point, I have to say the new sucks.

Have you had problems with the new Let me know in the comments.

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125 thoughts on “The new website sucks”

  1. I totally agree with ALL the above posts. Used to be a great comprehensive job site. NOT ANYMORE!! I DARE anyone who works for Monster to respond!! Every other site out there is easier to use by both Job seekers and employers.

  2. Every time I look for jobs I get an HTTP Bad Request Error. Monster is the only site this happens on. I called monster and was told to clear my cookies EVERY TIME I click on a job! Site sucks.

  3. Too many unrelated ads all over the site, which slows it down. Script freezes my browser when I try to edit my information then finally asks me if I want to stop it, which I do. And there are many scam jobs posted. What does all this say about That they’re sellouts, will do anything for a buck. Used to be the best job site, now it’s the worst.

  4. I agree with all of the other postings. Just tried to apply on and nothing but problems. After about 20 minutes I decided to google the name of the company, locate their website and send my information directly to their human resources department. is a Monster.

  5. I agree with all the above comments in my search for work. I will go through the whole process in a job that I am interested in, including a cover letter and when I go to submit, it tells me that my resume has already been added to that position. I don’t care, I want it to go again and again if that is what it takes. I need a job, I have been looking for a job for the past 9 months and no success, and monster is not helping one bit. They keep sending me the same jobs over and over again, then when I apply, I get the same response that my resume has already been submitted. So, why do they send the same jobs then. I like the old fashion way off apply for jobs, through the newspaper or pounding the pavement. This is getting me no where. I will be starving before too long.

    1. Peter, I see you came here from a IP address. Good to see someone from there weighing in…finally. Are you really suggesting I shouldn’t use Safari when on I assume your web team is interested in cross-browser compatibility, right?

      Also, I was using firefox in those screenshots.

      1. totally sucks, nothing but fake ads and ads by recruiters. And their location algorithm sucks ass too. It pulls up jobs from 100 miles away when you tell it 20 mile radius. I notice bugs too. Maybe they are hiring 3rd world green card holders to program the site?

        And damn is insanely slow, I have a 10mbs connection and a core i7 2600k and I can go take a piss and come back before the page loads. It is quite possibly one of the slowest, most advertising filled sites I have ever visited and it seems to get slower and slower with time.

  6. - Too bad monster doesn’t come with weaksauce on the side, cuz its drowning in it.

    - For location I put L.A., but get everything from Oakland to Sacktown the Bay Area and back down.

    - doesn’t play well with goog’s chrome.

    - the ads show up before the job listings do

    - speaking about the ads, they have more ads on the page than jobs in the job list

    - faster your pc / internet is, the slower monster is

    - The emperor and the people of Rome always gives monster thumbs down, even if it wins a fight by chance.

    - Also monster has this nasty habit of redirecting to apply for jobs on employer’s website, so your account with monster won’t work. Then you spend an hour making up an account that you will probably log in once (unless they love you and you get the job), spend an hour putting in your family tree, blood type, uber accomplishments like saving a city from Godzilla, and last 80 years of job history, even though you’re a student.

    - best job listings show up AFTER you’ve applied to a job listing and says everyone that applied here applied these jobs.

    - its been going downhill since symmantec allowed hazors to hax monster a few years ago.

  7. The following is an actual chat with a supposed customer service person from Monster to assist me in knowing what to expect from placing an ad for a blue collar trade position we need to fill in our company. The use of statistics bores me as well as made me angry, as I was asking very specific questions about how well they track specific information and if there is a benefit to place an ad at Monster vs. somewhere else. The CS rep basically stated that it was up to me as to the benefit because I am the one who is accountable for making the ad work, or create the interest, not Monster;

    Requesting Conversation.. Sent:
    Does Monster use any of the local papers or smaller classified venues to obtain resume or applicant traffic for blue collar positions?Good Morning! Welcome Norman Crouse! We look forward to being of assistance.
    Please be aware that the conversation will close if it is idle for 20 minutes.You are second in the queue.

    Sent: Ok, ThanksYou are first in the queue.

    Sent: Thank youThe conversation request is being delivered to an agent. Please wait a second.The conversation request has been accepted by an agent. Please start the conversation.

    Received: Welcome to Monster Sales Chat. My name is John, I am here to answer questions about the products we offer online and help you in the selection process. If you have a Customer Service issue, after this chat you may contact Monster Global Customer Service at 1-800-666-7837 to seek further assistance.Received:
    Your job is posted on Monster’s website, our mobile app, our BeKnown professional networking app on Facebook, our affiliate websites including and, and over 1,000 newspaper partner co-branded websites.

    Sent: OK, that’s great. Can you tell me the % of roofers or waterproofers placed or resume’s received? Are your stats categorized that way?

    Received:No they are not, I am sorry.

    Sent: How do you keep stats on resume’s or the number of trades that apply through your services?

    Received: We have over 38 million resumes in the database, and do not list a percentage type figure.
    OK, so how do I know that I will receive a benefit from buying a subscription to fill my blue collar trade needs?
    MONSTER IS the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities. From the web to mobile to social, we help companies find people with customized solutions using the world’s most advanced technology to match the best people to the right job. Monster is consistently one of the most visited sites on the internet. Monster operates in over 55 countries across the globe. Only Monster has patented 6Sense Power Resume Search technology coupled with the world’s most extensive database. Each month in the United States 124 million job searches are performed and 800,000 new resumes are added. Job seekers add over 10,000 more new resumes to Monster each day than compared to Career Builder. We also have partnerships with 1,000+ newspapers in the United States with readership over 78 million people.

    The biggest part of your success is based on how good of a job posting you create. Also critical is how attractive overall the job you are offering is compared to what else is available in youReceived:
    r area. You will have a bigger prospective audience with Monster than anywhere else. That is what we do for you, but you must sell the job properly.

    Not only does Monster reach more people than any other resource in the world – reaching 47.7 million per month, but we reach 33% more people than our nearest competitor.

    That’s great information. Your stats are great, but you have reached less than 14% of the US, and less than .6 % of the world…..have fun with your stats, because it has done nothing for me.

    You are very welcome! If we can be of further assistance please get in touch. Thank you for contacting Monster and have a wonderful day.

  8. The Monster search engine is still a total disaster. I worked for several months identifying issues, giving them specific examples, and it is still broken…

    I am not sure what they are doing there but they are not getting it fixed. What other options for public databases do we have?


  9. Here’s the issues I have with Monster:

    They make it difficult to delete one’s profile – this option should be clearly visible. No one should have to jump through hoops to figure out how to delete their profile.

    They don’t give the user the ability to decide their headline, instead they choose it for them, and they don’t let the user edit it. You used my latest job as my headline, when I don’t work there anymore!!! That is not smart.

    It’s difficult to get help.

    How does one make only certain parts of their profile visible? Monster has a ‘Custom’ option, but how
    is the user supposed to use it?

  10. So Agreed!
    What the heck happened to
    This USED to be the best job board out there. Over the years I’ve found many of my jobs through Monster, but since the great recession of 2008, the board listings have dwindled… and now are almost non-existent!

    What’s up? Are they charging so much that no one will post jobs there?

    I recently did a search for “Graphic Designer” on Monster and found only 3 ACTUAL listings that were not from headhunters. One of these listings was 52 days old! Shame!

    And I haven’t even begun to touch on how horrible the search features have become.

  11. All I wanted to do was have my password reset. Over 2 days not 1 helpful reply. Still can’t log in. Keep stating they will email me a solution. Liars. Their customer service sucks too.

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